The America No One Will Remember by Hue Contrass

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Sadly… I have no proof or photographs for this one. The only shred of evidence I have of this was a tape recorder and some drawings that I had obtained from a Ms. Chloe Dalton. She calls herself the Envoy Messenger. The only explanation I have this is because I had once…but now don’t have for the very reason, the Rock of Infinity. It was a gem that can travel back and forth in time. Legends has said that this rock exist outside of time and exist in the past, present, and future simultaneously. It took me 30 years of my life to find the most priceless treasure in the word. It was a side project of mine, but getting the knowledge of it’s location was not an easy task. I still know where it is mind you, but I will never tell. It’ll be a secret to the day I die. You can try to get it out of me, I invite you to, but you’ll lose mind trying to understand my own.
After I posted my story of Operation Job, I have finally convinced to Anansi pitched some cash to go on my hunt on the Rock of Infinity. It took about a month for me to find the location, but I finally did. My heart was on fire but was quickly extinguished before I could enter the adventure. I was greeted by the Envoy Messenger. At first I pushed her away, but she was insistent. So it took a strong will from myself to push my hunger for the rock aside. I took her tape recorder and pressed play.
I don’t know how to explain it myself, but here it is. I painstakingly typed this transcript from that message for you to follow along.

- - - - -
*tries to calm himself down*
Hue, I know that you wouldn’t believe this message was real. We sought the Rock of Infinity for decades and our dream to take down Rothschild’s Central Banking, and all it’s evils from the world. However it was not the world you dreamed of. It’s not an America that feels strongly united from World War 2 It’s not even the United States at all.
I suppose you are writing this on the blog right now and I guess this serves as punishment for me. I want this down as a blog post for the readers. It’s best that they know what happened.
In case you still don’t believe me: Isabeau, Paris, 2013, the bagel shop cafe. You remember? Of Course you do.
Ok, so it started like this, when I went to the cave it was everything that was ever described to me. Stalactites and Stalagmites everywhere to a point that it couldn’t be treaded on. It was a matter of knowing where you were going and it helps when you have a little Trinket that can plow your way through. Yes there were monsters and such, blah, blah, blah. Easy stuff when I have a flash on the hot shoe and the Unknown lens. It’s not the monster I want to talk about. It’s my encounter with her. Not the messenger, I’ll get to that in a moment, no, another person or rather being. An entity that I hadn’t heard about in my personal research. She was beautiful. A being made of pure gem stones. Agate, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx and others I couldn’t identify. Her awe made me feel like shit, it was amazing to be so close. In her mist she floated in the air like she was the balance of all life, it could be that very case. She saw me and descended down in the cavern. I remember what she told me.
“Are you here for the Rock of Infinity, Hue? I was waiting for you.” The voice, to what I could imagine, was godlike. Comforting, but authoritative like a mother, but her echoes reached in my soul.
How did she know my name? A mind reader? Did I need to hum inside my head? I tried to Hue, but she seemed unaffected. So I told her yes. She opened her arms; welcoming me to her embrace.
“Take it.”
The rock was sitting between her shapely natural breast.
“I don’t understand, no resistance? Will I die if I take it?”
She stood silent.
I was about to take it, but drew my hand away.
“Do you know why I need it? I’m going to save the world. I’m going to end all wars and end all economic struggle. The central bank, the Red Shield, the—-” then she interuppted me.
“It will not matter.” She responded.
“Why? Tell me why.”
“It just will not matter. Your intentions are futile. Take it and see.”
It felt wrong in retrospect, Hue. At the time though, I have gone too far to be thwarted by enigmatic words. I reached for the center of her chest. I pulled the stone out and felt the surging power in my hands. I saw her though, a tear of mercury seeped down her beautiful face. The entity then became a pile of rocks and pebbles. I felt like an asshole for destroying something so glorious. As I journeyed back out of the cave, I was left now wondering if I can actually do this. I was cursing my doubts and trying to place them behind me. When I finally entered out of the cave, I pulled out my journal—- the five years of research that I had, skip through the pages and began to jot down my discovery of the gem. The time, the date. Just in case. Then I turned back couple pages, I found the incantation to get me through time. As I recited it, I thought hard of the place I needed to go.
Manchester, England. 1804.
Just like that, I was there. If I had to describe everything that was going on in that time, it was like a teenager going through puberty. It wasn’t quite Victorian yet. It was getting there though. Men wore what looked like to be two tail overcoats. Trousers that in my opinion had a feminine overtones. Perhaps that is why they called themselves Dandy for these times. Cobblers made square tow shoes with a buckle. Some with just knee high boots. Mainly the colors of the over coats and trousers were brown or navy colors. A few black and gray suit colors here and there. The hard working class, like some men I saw repairing a brick wall, had the white long and baggy sleeve shirts with brown trousers. Every head was covered by a hat and those without one, had short curly hair like a newborn infant. The side burns were hilarious on a few on these jokers.
The women on the other hand were fully covered. The common wealth looking women, simply wore white gauze like dresses and was accent with a color like red or gold. Brown mostly. Lot of brown is this time period, and frankly Hue, it was quite dull. However, I needed to hide. I was a sore thumb in my beige khakis and our favorite orange shirt. The vest helped a little bit but I was still getting odd looks. I went to the alley ways of the city. It’s an odd feeling; so many uneven bricks underneath my feet. It was nothing like the smooth concrete sidewalks of America. The houses were so compact and clustered together, I was beginning to feel claustrophobic. It was like any minute these old buildings were going to concave.
Then the weirdest thing happened to me and that’s saying something. I heard my name being called.
“Hue Contrass!” a strong female voice shouted.
Impossible, I thought to myself. No one could know that I was here. I turn to see a woman in royal blue, but with a muted tone, nearly resembling the local postal worker. Except she had black pants, white knee high rubber boots, A windbreaker jacket, a military style kind of hat, and a pair of sunglasses. She had the body of a sweet American girl with blonde hair to match. Not to mentioned freckles. I will never forget the emblem on her hat. A mailing envelope with wings. There are several drawings I will send with Ms. Dalton. I need you to take it to Jon over by the Graphics Department of the Blogger. Please post them up.

The Envoy Messenger

(Notes: From what Hue has wrote he said that this symbol must be investigated further. Perhaps this Messenger has influence everything we have seen to this day)

Moving on. She just came out of a door from no where. I asked what she wanted from me, but I held my guard. With a smile of course.
“You can’t change this event. ”
“I’m sorry young lady, but the man and his family I’m after are a damnation towards the world’s future. I won’t live in a world where it is all controlled by greedy psychotic Zionist. Not in my America. Just move along, lass.”
“No…you don’t understand.” She reached in her bag and pulled out a stun gun.
Me, I had the Unknown Lens still attached to the camera. So I clicked. It didn’t work. I got the nearest thing by me and threw it at her. She instinctively ducked. I tried running, but she moved with great speed. She had me locked in her arms where I couldn’t break free.
“I’m telling you Contrass, you don’t know what forces you are tampering with. I’m going to show you the truth.”
“LIES!” I remember yelling. I wasn’t going to let her stop me. I backed up against the wall, I don’t remember how many times I did so, but it manage to make her lose her grip on me and escaped.
No more than two feet, the doors opened where it hit me right on the face. Then I could feel the prongs of electricity injecting into my rib cage. Normally, a thing like that wouldn’t have me down for the count. We know Hue, when we see a goal in sight, we stop at nothing to attain it. I got back up and threw another picture. It wasn’t working against her. She grabbed hold of my leg and started to drag me into the very door she came out from. The very moment that she didn’t think I was awake, I pulled my foot away and ran.
I ran so fast Hue, I thought my heart was going to give out. I kept seeing the Messenger, trying to intercept me, but I kept avoiding her. I was not wasting anymore time.
There, I finally saw it. It was very far away mind you, but Hue, I saw it. The mansion was in the sight of my telescopic eye of the Unknown lens. I could tell that the lens was hungry for these bastards. Before I could even press the shutter button, there was a punch to my skull. The force of it made me drop the damn camera. It was grueling to turn around from the floor but I was able to see this messenger, with what looked like a comical device used by cartoons. A boxing glove connected with a pair of extensions. I would of laugh, but I was severely peeved.
“It’s over, Hue. We’re not doing this again.”
We did? I thought. It would soon be made clear what I did later. Instead of accepting defeat, I reached for the camera and pressed the shutter button and like that Hue, the mansion was gone. The Rothschild of England was no more. I thought I had won. I laughed like a fool in front of my opponent. I really did thought I won and I was willing to die in that moment. I could hear the Messenger shouting obscenities to the sky. It was then she looked like she was listening to someone in her mind.
“Alright. You’re coming with me. We’re going to set this thing straight.”
I thought I was so smart Hue, because I used the stone and with my final thoughts in that moment and used the Rock to return to New York. Oh my god that was the worst thing I could have done. When I returned the sky was on fire and being choked with black smoke. The sound of war planes, jets, whatever they’re called was dropping bombs. People running for their lives trying to take cover from this shit storm. I took cover behind a car. Madness everywhere. People shoving each other to reach some sort of shelter, but in the end got blown up. It was a smell I did not recognize, but I knew… by the look of the purple suffocating faces, that this was some sort of napalm. I felt like collapsing, but that survival urge told me to keep going. Who was attacking us? Al Qaeda? The Russians? I looked to the skies and saw the bomber jets. A horror took me when I saw a black cross on one of them. Nazis, oh god it was the Nazis. I didn’t want to bother running anymore. It was like… you know when we get mad Hue? First the world’s sounds are muted, then a black vignette takes over our vision. The world turns black and white at the highest contrast.
I raised my camera to the sky, and took pictures. So many that I think the film ran out. It’s a pity that you won’t be able to see them Hue. You, the laws of time and paradoxes stuff. I think you’ll be better off, if you listen to this message and heed it’s warning that is. Please listen to me Hue, because it going to get worse.
The bombings had stop Hue, but I could feel my lungs starting to give out, I heard someone calling out for me to get inside. A boy yelling at me. Oddly enough in French. Lucky for us, we’re pretty good in our French. Forcing myself to follow the boy’s call, I needed to escape and find answers as to why the Nazis had bombed New York. More so, why the Third Reich still exist.
I was lead into a large tunnel that proceeded to go down into the subterranean. People began to form tighter clusters. For me it was getting hotter as I went down with the boy. The Co2 from everybody’s breathe made it harder to breath, but I managed by placing my shirt over my mouth. Then the flood of electric light started to be seen; we had clearly entered to a gym sized bunker with badly injured people. Crowds where huddled together like wolves of winter. Lines longer than the 2008 election for Barrack Obama was made not for food mind you, but to get on the internet. Probably to inform families of their well being. Maybe to ease there tensions with funny cat videos, I don’t know.
The boy had clung on to my khakis tightly. I heard him shouting for his parents, but only the loud collected murmurs of people polluted the air. I pulled the boy towards me and told him to shut up; I will help him find his parents instead of him bloody yelling his head off. He wiped the tears from his face and reluctantly agreed. So we started by the nearest corner to my right and tried to look for his ‘rents. I asked if he could describe them to me. He said his mother was portly, blonde hair and wore a long knitted green scarf. The father was wearing a hat which from the description, was a pork pie. Also, a gray trench coat some kind, I think. In the crowds as I looked around, I notice that most of the people there spoke French. Some of it was Polish and Ukrainian. English was not even ear shot. So between the two hours looking for the boys parents, I asked what was going on outside. He looked at me strangely if I were speaking Chinese, which I have gathered, is a country the size of Kansas in this time period.
There is only so much a young boy of twelve knows, but he tried. Europe had been seized and conquered by the Nazis in 1946. I asked him why were they were attacking the United States and he was confused. He told me I must have been mistaken and this big land of ours was called the United Colonies of France.

THe United Colonies of France

(Note: The number of stars on flag represent each colony among the countries of Canada and the United States. The Fleur-de-lis in the middle represents that all these colonies are ruled by one king from the long line of dynasty. Similar to England tradition of rulership)

I had to stop when he said that, because my mind was slowly banging the wall trying to understand. He asked what was wrong, and I merely said I was still shaken up by the bombing. The motherland of France was the last to go in War World II, and the United Colonies had been fighting over seas with NATO (Nazis. Alliance. Territories. Organization) Since then they been trying to claim the colonies and the rest of the Americas. He then asked how I was able to stop the planes from bombing us. I merely told him I took a picture of it. He wouldn’t believe me. He just had to take my word for it. I tried to ask for more answers from him, but he kept quiet from me. All he wanted was his parents. Which we did find, thankfully. The parents were very thankful to me and wanted to know if I could stay with them if I had lost my family. I smile and denied their offer. I wished them the best of luck. For me, I was going to find more answers. I was not going to wait in a five hour line for ten minutes of the internet.
The best way was to listen to the flowing conversations in the room. Some families were speaking of the total extinction of the Jews and wondered if they were next in the Nazi agenda. Others had mention the possible combined efforts if the U.S.S.R of Asia were going to save them.

The U.S.S.R. of Asia

(Note: During the decade, China was bombard by Nazi forces that had dominated neighboring countries. Russia had struck a treaty that required for China and Japan {Betrayed the Nazi regime} to keep the land of Asia strong against the forces of evil.)

Madmen prophesying “This is the Last Days” speech over and over again. I remember hearing a sad couple saying that when this was over, they were heading to Australia. I was surprise that the name still exists. Then the ground began to shake. The blast of a canon echo through the walls, forcing everyone to stay quiet. Screams of the soldiers that were caught in the blast while stray bullets went off. The march of goose steps were drawing near. The crowd were drawing up a frenzy finding a way to escape. Innocents were being trampled over being grinded into a bruise and bloody pulp. 

One of the bullets of the enemy soldiers hit the lighting fixtures. The sparks and strobe lights enhance my primal confusion. Red glowing eyes hidden behind the gas mask and Kevlar protection looked inhuman. I heard the bodies dropping to the floor. It was unnatural in every way that sound. I reached for my camera before they aimed their guns, but I realized at that moment the camera was full and I did not reload the film. I pressed in my desperation the shutter button, but the lens refused to operate. I thought it was the end, if Ms. Dalton was not there to rescue me. All I remember was the sound of marbles rolling over the floor. To my surprise, they were flash bombs. There she yanks my arm to follow her while the Nazis were blinded. The two of us pushed our way through the bodies in our way. We manage to both pulled back to the surface . More raids from the Nazi army were goose stepping over the lives of innocent people. There was no time to look and absorb the scenery of carnage. I was shoved inside a door way. It all became muted, the screams and the guns were nowhere to be heard, but instead was the harmonizing ticking of a clock. What I saw was a place that was tranquil, with furniture dating back to a chic minimalistic 60s furniture. On the sofa, in the calmness that seemed outside of space and time was the man himself smoking a cigarette. Hue, I met THE Rod Serling. Heavy eyebrows and all. Too bad you’ll never get a chance like this.
“So you brought the problem here? Maybe we can get this sorted out now.”
I just sat on my knees in awe, but felt Ms. Dalton tap me on the shoulder to get up. When I did, Mr. Serling offered me a seat. His dark eyes were gentle, smooth, and mysterious.
“As much as I would like to answer any personal questions about me Mr. Contrass.” It was like he was reading my mind but he continued, “There is a matter we need to discuss more importantly. To be quick, we are somewhat the guardians of time. Ms. Chole Dalton, is Fate’s messenger. She and I make sure events in time take place the way they should.”
I remained silent as he continued talking. He told me that they tried to track me down 3 times before I change the future. Each time was completely different. I was a hard man to track down, but by chance, Ms. Dalton made the right moves to find me. Each failed attempt was my death. One by bomb. The second by gunshot. The third was me being killed in a nuclear explosion that landed in New York. He explained to me that this future was nearly going to be fixed if there was no chance of correcting it. They needed to know when and where did I jumped and interfered with time. I asked if they know so much, then why didn’t know. Rod had a piqued look on his face. Ms Dalton beside me spoke that something was interfering with Fate’s eye. Like if something was covering it. It occurred to me to pull out the now black lifeless gem. It was the keeper of the Rock of Infinity that was doing this to me. Before I told them about the rock I asked about what had happened in this time line. He took a long drag from the cigarette. He told me half the things I said on this tape. He told me, and how America History was re written. After the French won and conquered England, they sailed to make colonies here in the United States and Canada, once it was discovered. Like a mirror, the colonist rebelled against the French and made the French Colonist Revolution War. Canada and the United States were not separated as in our time but one big piece of land. The French colonist, interestingly, made peace with Native Americans and not a single drop of blood was drop to share this country. In fact, Native American is the second dominant language, as I was told. Mr. Serling, didn’t go into detail. He said that this history was still fresh, only the part where involved the Nazis. It appeared that Adolf Hitler did follow the steps that lead him to be the fuhrer, but was assassinated in coupe that lead by….Maurice Rothschild.

The Red Reich

(Notes: It is not said on the tape, but Hue says that beside the word Nazis they are Official Title The Red Reich … Oh God no…)

Apparently, the Rothschilds had renounce their Jewish heritage for the sake of their money and help fund the war. After the Rothschilds gained a certain amount of trust, Hitler planed to kill the Family head, but was outdone by Maurice himself. Then the Rothschilds had now full control of the Third Reich. Fifty years now the United Colonies have been fighting the Nazis. Hue….I really hate to say this, but the United Colonist are losing. To make matters worst, the Jews are gone. Hitler was successful with his genocide but that wasn’t enough. Now Africans are on the endangered list as well.

Silence on the tape

I’m responsible for all this madness. All I ever wanted to do in my life was to have families in a stable economy. In a stable world. I just wanted to give people the power to choose instead of handing it over to the powers that be. That was… That is our dream. No such thing exist. I think I understand what the keeper of the rock meant to say now. Instead of my dream, I get this piece of shit of nightmare. So right now I’m in a private room with the tape recorder given to me by Ms. Dalton. This the last chance we have to restoring the America we know of. Hue, when you find Ms. Dalton, don’t resist. Let it go and turn back towards New York. Forget about it all. I will not have this much blood on my hands.

Good bye Hue.

After I listened to the tape I nearly threw it against the rock wall, only to be stopped by Ms. Dalton holding the Rock of Infinity. The black rock began to glow brilliantly and escaped from her gloved hands. The rock took form of a beautiful feminine body. It was the creature that I described in the tape.
“So you see…it’s all for nothing.” her voice was like a warm echo. I could only look coldly with my red eyes as we were locked in at a stare down. However, I admit defeat by the drop of my head. She turned back towards the cave.
“Who are you!?”
She didn’t turn to face me, but spoke “You call me the Rock of Infinity. My true name is Eon.” I tried to take out my camera in my anger, but realized it was pointless. That was when she turn to looked to me with sympathy and pluck a piece of clear quartz from her head and tossed it to me to catch it.
“Keep her safe and she’ll protect you. The path set for you is burdensome and dangerous. I am sorry, but this is all I can give until next time.”
From then onward she walked, the Cave mouth was sealed behind her. I could only clutch to the piece of quartz as if it was a booby prize at a carnival. All these years of dreaming and searching, was for waste. Ms. Dalton was kind enough to lead me back to a village and though some portal door, I was back in my office. Whether or not I’ll see Ms. Dalton again, I do hope it would be on better terms. As I reflect on the only pieces of evidence of a tape recorder, I wonder. We do live in a shitty world, but, could this be the better of worse? Could the labor of Chinese children making the clothes of our own children be better than living in a world where two races are nearly extinct? Could having French be better than the English language? Are we living in a better America right now?

Pick thy Poison.

I’m too tired to think, in fact I’m going to drink out of my mind to ease the pain.

God Bless.

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Ok. Don’t hate me, but I was Facebook the other day and I came across an image of Super Sonico, you know the chick that can’t take off her headphones for the love of God. Also, big hooters since 2006. Anyways, in the corner of the image I saw that this chick was finally given an anime.

My only question to that was: What took you?

Then I saw the anime on Youtube. One episode. I close the lid of my computer and read a book instead. In my reading what struck me really hard was not the show, but the Logo. Then it occurred to me. The logo looked exactly eerily like Toph Bei Fong.

I just couldn’t believe it. So I decided to make this parody of it and when I was finished, I was left thinking two things: Why hasn’t Toph gotten a spin off? Seriously, I love Korra, but I would love to know how Toph became the chief of police and stuff. A Three part OVA is too hard to ask?

Second question: Who would want to have the Toph Animation logo as a t-shirt. Maybe if this is reblogged 200 times, I’ll put it on Redbubble as cheap as possible.

Love you guys, bye

My Expression exactly



Henasey, as brave as a man he could be in this age of cowardice, was rambling what was going on in my mind for me shouting at the Feds.

“Let them come.” I said.

“I wanted it to be low key.”
“Nothing is low key when it comes to our government. They know everybody and everything. You think…

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